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Sell Globally

Australian Small Business Help

Research & Development


We help you to to find out if your product or service is ready for global ecommerce platforms.

Export Market Development Grants


We help you access grants to hep you expand your business globally. Contact us to help you get started.

Ecommerce Marketplaces


We will connect you with the right supportive partner for your business, such as ecommerce market places, IP, photography, language support.



We will help you with trade finance or suitable products to help you manage your cashflow.



We will explain to you your options and what you need to consider

Export Market Development Grants


Did your business spend at least A$15,000 on one or more of the following eligible export promotional activities during the last financial year (FY14/15), or, if a first-time applicant, the last two financial years? (FY13/14 & FY14/15.)


☐ Overseas representative

☐ Marketing consultant

☐ Overseas marketing visits

☐ Communications

☐ Free sample

☐ Patents, trademarks, registrations

☐ Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotion

☐ Promotional literature and advertising

☐ Overseas buyers visits to Australia


The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters. 


Are you new to exporting? We will help you get ready for the FY15/16 grant year....


For your first two grants, Austrade will calculate your provisional grant entitlement based on a formula:

  • 50% of (total eligible expenses - $5,000 non-reimbursable threshold amount)


We will help you decide if you are eligible and complete your application on your behalf saving you get back to your business....



Cross Border ecommerce


Online consumer spending is growing at lightning speed in China. Its estimated that there is over 330 million online consumers and by 2020 will exceed 1 billion. 


These new generation of online spenders are becoming wealthier and dont necessarily reside in the tier 1 cities. Many of the online shoppers are emerging from the second and third tier cities.


Chinese shoppers are attracted to trustworthy and quality products that are clean, organic, natural and sometimes even unique and hence the surgance of western products being puchased.


Australian Businesses have a fantastic opportunity to get involved in setting up an online exporting strategy.


We can assist you to get started as its much easier when you connect with the resources from day 1. 


Our boutique focus with EMDG is to help you to grow your online exporting business in additional to any offline exporting that you may or may not already be doing.



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