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Grants to help you export

Export Market Development Grants

Each year many Australian businesses benefit from a grant to help grow their business. We will work for you, saving you time to assist you to apply for a grant in 5 simple steps:

1/ Confirm your eligibility - this will involve a series of questions

2/ Complete the Application - this will involve a series of questions

3/ Coordinate the supporting documents and calculate potential grant

4/ Submit and monitor your application


Research & Development for ecommerce

Research of your intended expansion of your business to create new markets is a wise step to take to ensure that you minimise the risks involved. Each business is unique and we can help you in a variety of ways such as:

1/ Research and analysis of countries and markets to suit your product/service.

2/ Provide reports on the countries, demographics and price points for your product/service.

3/ Exhibitions, promotions and trade events that would be of value for 

your business. 


Ecommerce Market Places 

Working with the right people that can support you from the beginning will save you time and expense. 

1/ Ecommerce Market places - which ones are right for you

2/ IP and Trade Marks

3/ Photography

4/ Translation

5/ Chat services/social media/campaigns 


Finance to support your online business

Choosing the right financial product means dealing with a rightly experienced banker that understands your business. 

1/ Trade Loan, Overdraft or Term Loan - which one is right for you?

2/ How to find a great banker?

3/ Pros and cons of using credit cards.

4/ Foreign exchange and foreign accounts

5/ How to best approach a bank to get support?


Logistics for online selling globally 

Moving your products can be very expensive and understanding your options will save you time and effort.

1/ Send direct from your office Australia

2/ Ship in bulk, storing your product in a warehouse in Australia

3/ Ship in bulk, from an overseas warehouseage.

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