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It pays to be well planned in advance so you can make decisions about travel, marketing, exporting expenses....

Export Market Development Grants


The EMDG is a grant that is available to Australian Businesses who are making efforts to create new sales channels into international markets. The Australian Government have had this scheme running for several years and its in everyones interest to help Australian Businesses to expand and grow into successful and sustainable enterprises.


The grant is approved if your business meets certain criteria. There is vast information on Austrades website to provide you with all the knowledge that you need, however it will take time and effort to understand all of the criteria.


We will partner with your business to work out what you can claim and what documents you need to supply for validating your expenses.


Tip! - It pays to be well planned in advance as to what may be possible for your business to claim so that you can make plans in this current financial year.


How it will benefit your business :


  • Support your cashflow and money back into your business

  • We will do the paperwork for you saving you the stress, time and effort

  • Increasing the efficiencies in your business outsourcing to us will save you time and money.

  • Increase your confidence to explore international markets to grow your business.


We are looking forward to working as your partner to assist you to grow your business!

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