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We can help you with your money matters  

  • Talk to someone about borrowing or gaining investment money for your business.

  • Find who can help you with managing your cash flow needs

  • Speak with an accountant to understand if you are managing your taxes.

  • Connect with a banker that can help you grow your business.

Growing your business, need cash support, want to deal with someone that cares about your business?


Its exciting when you think about how many aspects of your business there are and how many hats you need to wear, here are some areas that are in this phase that we can help connect you to people and organisations that will be able to help you to progress...


Money can include


How to approach a bank for finance

Making sure you have the right type of finance for the right purpose

Making sure you are using the best software to minimise costs and save time

Ensuring you have the right protection in place

Making sure you have your estate in order

Implementing your plan for for retirement

Raising funds via investors and how to do this

Applying and searching for the right grants 




Money can include

Commercial Finance


Bank Accounts

Investment Accounts

Asset Finance

Credit Cards

Merchants/E Commerce

Home Loans

Life Insurance 

Disability Insurance 

Income Protection




Venture Captial



Helpers are some of these people




Financial Planners


Grant Experts





Helpers are some of these organisations





VC Firms





We save you time and get right to the relevant helper for you

There are some fantastic resources (here's an example) accessible for you to help you with your business and you will find some links to external resources in our website. We are not about competing with other business organisations or professionals that can help you but rather we want to be your valuable connector.


We want you to know what's relevant to you and we will direct you to all channels including straight to the quality person that you need......... 

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