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Banking Help

Finding a valuable banker...


Whether you are running an existing business or just starting out, finding the right banker is one of the core essentials for your business success. 


Finding the rightly skilled forward thinking banker that will be truly valuable for your business. A great banker fully understands your business, they are collaborative, proactive insightful and responsive, having thorough knowledge of banking products, transactional, deposits, payments and loans. They have a solid understanding of digital, external environments and have a mature outlook. They are highly proficient in communication and are strategic thinkers. They are a leader in their profession and are well connected in the community. 

Please complete the form below outlining your requirements, such as:


  1. Transactional help

  2. Payments

  3. Borrowing

  4. International help

  5. Risk, super and protection

  6. Seeking the right banker that can champion my Fintech idea/business


Your Business


Locate an Expert 

Local Business Wisdom has been connecting business owners with valuable and insightful experts for 10 over 10 years.

7 things you should expect from your banker:

Responsible - Proactive and Responsive point person for a business owner

Knows Products - Thorough knowledge of banking products, transactional, depostis, payments and loans

Digitially Developed - Solid understanding of digital tools such as margins, benchmarking and social media.

Communication Skills - Mature presentation, written, verbal and digital

Strategic thinker - Able to fully understand the stage a business owner is in and co develop strategies to help businesses to grow. (Including

written credit applications for business owners)

A Leader - Project leads implementation of all the aspects required for a business owner, including coordinating specialised bankers and industry partners.

Well Connected - Co ordinates  help such as accountants, industry, legal, government.

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