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What type of loans are there?

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Business Finance & General Banking Help

Overview - Business Finance and General Banking can help you with managing your money in order to ensure you are on top of your business needs. We can help you get started with this.

Select from the following

  • General Banking, Accounts Domestic and International

  • Cash Flow Budgeting and planning

  • Borrowing funds for Business Purposes or Special Industry loans (Franchises)

  • How to prepare to borrow for Business Purposes

  • Car or Equipement Loans

  • Trade and international payments

  • Consolidation of Business Loans

  • Review of loans to ensure that they are in the best structure and tax environment

  • How do I have a successful outcome at the bank?

Personal Finance Help

Overview - Home Loans and Investment Loans need to be reviewed regularly in order to ensure that you have the best products that suit you and your budget. We can help you review or get started with this.

  • Home Loans

  • Investment Loans

  • How to use my home equity to help my business?

Financial Well Being Help

Overview - Ensuring you have enough money in retirement by reviewing your investments and consolidating any superannuation funds plus reviewing your personal risk protection is essential for you are your family.

  • Review Superannuation

  • Consolidation my superannuation

  • Review my risk policies for Life, disability and Income Protection

  • Review my estate plan to ensure I have everything in place

Accounting and legal Help

  • Registering a business, company, licensing, taxes, GST & ABNS

  • Entities and tax structures

  • Partnership Plans

  • Completing your tax, accountants help, financial paperwork, bookkeeping

  • CashFlow preparation planning

  • Valuing your business


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